Wi-Fi Provisioning

Wi-Fi provisioning

Panther Admin give the perfect overview of the connection from central ISP routers to the end-user outlets, but also cover the connection between CPE equipment to the subscriber’s equipment. Typical ISPs are typically ending their connection in modems or CPEs with limited Wi-Fi capabilities and do in many cases give a bad experience. Customers complain about unstable network and poor performance not living up to the subscribed Internet product.

With Panther Admin, the subscribers and the customer-service team, can easily monitor reliability and connection issues remote. The self-service portal give the customer experience about noise and range to devices, that might appear to be unstable or out of range of good performance.


  • 9 out of 10 subscriber devices are connected using Wi-Fi only.
  • Internet subscriptions are typical 100, 300, 500 Mbit. It is most likely impossible to reach these speeds on CPE equipment and more important, to be able to stream 4K resolution movies reliable using CPE build in Wi-Fi equipment.


  • Extend CPE Wi-Fi areas with wired Wi-Fi APs centrally configured APs and surveillance. Using more Access points to cover large areas.
  • Disable CPE Wi-Fi and use Wi-Fi AP only, relocated to improved coverage, to improve reliability and surveillance.
With Panther Admin, ISPs can extend subscribers home network with professional Wi-Fi APs to cover bigger areas, or just to get improved Wi-Fi reliability.

Supported devices

  • Ligowave Infinity NFT-1N (2x2), 2.4GHz 802.11N, antenna 3dBi + radio 28dBm, 3 Fast Ethernet ports, 1 port POE 802.3 af
  • Ligowave Infinity NFT-2AC (2x2), 802.11AC, antenna 3dBi + radio 27dBm radio, 3 GbE ports, 1 port POE 802.3 af/at
  • Ligowave Infinity NFT-2AC (2x2), 802.11AC (Outdoor IP67), radio 29dBm, 1 GbE ports, 1 port POE 802.3 af/at
  • Ligowave Infinity NFT-3AC (3x3), 802.11AC, antenna 5dBi + radio 29dBm radio, 2 GbE ports, 1 port POE 802.3af/at