Ethernet Provisioning

Ethernet provisioning

Panther Admin supports provisioning of Ethernet based edge ports, with or without any kind of CPE equipment. Panther Admin will have every port in the network addressed to a physically know address, making it easily available for subscribers. Ports that are in use with subscribers are provisioned based on the subscribtion. Ports that are not in use by subscribers are availabe and connected. The subscriber can connect to an open port, by using the registration portal directly. The registration portal allow the new customer to buy a subscription, pay for it, and get it provisioned directly without any need of customer support involved.


When a customer connects to the switchport, the port is automatically under telemetric surveillance for signal values, settings and other things making it possible to do customer-support.


  • DHCP option 43, 82
  • Telnet, SSH or SNMP
  • VLAN ids
  • Ingress/Egress

Switches supported

  • Cisco SGXXX, Catalyst, ASR
  • Nokia (Alcatel) ESS
  • Allied Telesis ATXXXX
  • Mikrotik CRSXXX (RouterOS L5+)
  • We add more, when nessesary