Wi-Fi PTP / PTMP Provisioning


Panther Admin supports provisioning of PTP and PTMP links, used as last-mile subscriber connections. Provisioning is template based and ensure a simple, transparant, compliant and reliable configuration. As soon as the connection is up, Panther Admin starts collecting information about the link quality.


Signal quality are measured real-time in intervals of 5 seconds and stored to make historical analyses possible. Each radio involved on a radio link to a subscriber are visible directly under the subscriber pane, with real-time data, as well as graphs showing signal values over time.


  • Transmit power
  • Channel (Frequency)
  • Bandwidth (20, 40, 80MHz)
  • Ingress / Egress
  • DHCP option 82

Supported devices

  • Ligowave LigoDLB PRO 5-90-20 ac
  • Ligowave LigoDLB PRO 5-90-17 ac
  • Ligowave LigoDLB 5-20 ac
  • Ligowave LigoDLB 5-15 ac