DOCSIS Telemetric surveillance


Panther Admin give the ability to get overview on Docsis Network, based on different values, realtime and historical with the primary goal of letting customerservice and technical experts see what is happening. Simple but powerfull tools make it clear if there are problems, where problems are located, the kind of problem, when the problem starts and when it eventually stopped.

Devices that are provisioned by Panther Admin are automatical add to the surveillance system. As soon as the device are online, it will be monitored for uptime, signalvalues and eventual problems with node or installation.


All collected signal-data are presented in different views, easy and efficient to navigate through. Zoom out on city to see complete installation and create filter to show problems, while drilling back and forth in time. Easily click on problems, to get reports and links to affected subscribers.

  • Modem view, directly on customer pane
  • CMTS Node view,
  • Modem lists
  • Diagnosticssheet
  • MAP view, - complete city or area

Expert system

Signal values are analyzed by an expertsystem, to help non-experts to understand and solve the problem. The Expert system output a note, on where the problem is, the expected technical problem and how it is solved.


Panther Admin collects information from one or more networks, depending on the installation. All data are collected using standard protocols on management networks.

  • Netflow (cisco), Sflow, IPFIX
  • Syslog - DHCP servers
  • SNMP based, all signal values
  • Realtime visual presentation
  • Last 5 minute lists
  • Graphs showing Day, Week, Month, Year
  • Advanced MAP view, with filters

Alarms & alerts

Node surveillance can be setup to trigger alarms when signal level thresholds are reached. Each alarm can trigger a custom business processes generating messages for responsible technical crew or the fx the subscribers affected. Alarm triggers are custumizable to suit the specific networks needs.

Panther surveillance are always added with more features, based on customer needs.