Business Process Management (BPM)

Easy implementation of business processes

In Panther Admin, we try to archive the highest degree of flexibility and in the same time ease of use. Every part of the systems information base are developed as objects with attributes and functions. Objects accessible from Process system with the attributes like customernumber access using the customer object like “customer::getnumber”, “name”, “phone number” etc. Each attribute can be read, changed or deleted using simple processes.

Process tasks

Processes are built with tasks, which can be visualized as bricks. Each brick is a function that can interact with relevant objects and attributes. Panther have support for approximately 100 different taskstypes to do different work. Adding multiple tasks on top of each other makes a single task a process. Each task can evaluate, find, change, delete, calculate, generate pdf, run billing, send email, provision and much more based on the tasktype. Multiple tasks in a process make it a Business Process and can streamline, automate and speed up daily work by factors of thousands.

Fully automation

Some tasks that are usually manually worked out, can be fully automated to optimize workload. All decisions and work are done by the processes. In many situations that will limited the need for experts and workforce in general.

  • Provisioning tasks
  • Adding fees to subscribers
  • Billing
  • Reminderhandling
  • Handling selfservice orders

Partly automated

Other tasks are initiated by workforce. The workforce see these processes as buttons. By pressing the button a process start up. The processes can start up as a wizard where the employee type in relevant information and the processes system will start performing. Processes can start working tasks for other employees and react on answers to these when actions are taken.

  • Handling installer crew
  • Customer service assignments
  • Reminders to crew
  • Send contracts

Custom attributes

The objects deployed with a simple Panther Admin implementation will not cover all needs, so Panther Admin has the flexibility called custom attributes. With custom attributes, all objects can be easily extended with extra extra information fields like e-mail addresses, serial numbers, links, images or just other relevant information needed in the case.

Benefit of BPM and Business Process Automation

Processes can streamline and optimize all tasks done by workforce with the further benefit of leaving less space for errors. Processes give a great overview to the management. The processes require no development in Panther Admin. Adding them is simple and they are accessible directly from the application to the employees with access to change BPM. Process can easily be changed to support business changes or optimizations.

  • Less workforce handling more tasks
  • Less errors from manual work
  • Streamlined to per to perfection
  • Better communication with subscribers
  • Faster ROI on subscribers
  • Improved subscriber happiness
Business Process Automation aims to make processes more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent. With automated processes in place, organizations save time and ensure best practices are implemented to improve overall operational efficiency.