Self Service portal

Registration Portal

Panther Admin makes it easy to add subscribers using the build in registration portal. New subscribers create themselves using the web-based registration portal. The customer use the build in web-wizard to fill required information about the address for installation, and then for the specific address show available products. The customer then subscribe, and choose between available billing plans. Whenever a registration is complete, the system will handle the registration using a customizable business process.

Self-Service Portal

Panther Admin include a web-based self-service portal. The portal is available to subscribers to help servicing all their basic day-to-day needs. The goal is to cover every single aspect of communication with the subscriber, in the portal from there have it all automated by a business process. The subscriber will benefit from this, because of the 24/7/365 opening hours and the company will benefit from the effectiveness.

Every relevant change the customer do, are registered in Panther Admin on the account pane and trigger the business process system. When the business process system receives the information from the portal, it is up to the business process to handle the requests. The manager is then responsible for getting this totally automated, partly automated or just received and handled manually.

The self-service portal is made to take care of:

  • Subscriber details
  • Television subscription
  • Television extra channels
  • Web TV subscription
  • Internet subscriptions
  • Internet CPE adjustments
  • E-mail addresses
  • Bills and payments
  • Status on ongoing tasks
  • Information about contact

Self-service makes a huge difference in work force needed. I Panther Admin the portal is made simple, with a single login, simple menu structure and responsive so it works on phones, tablets and computer. The simplicity is need so all kinds of subscribers can use it.