Billing Panther Admin support billing of all kinds of products, but are mainly optimized to handle subscriptions. Monthly, quarterly, Yearly billing, split-billing, billing with combinations of VAT and no VAT, billing where landlord pay for basic subscriptions and tenants pay for extras, combined with all kinds of fees. Everything is possible in Panther Admin. Furthermore, billing is as easy as completely automated, or in the most advanced case, for mass billing a matter of pressing 4 buttons.


If its prefered to bill in groups of subscribers, thats also possible.

Billing by creditcards

Completely automated

Sending invoices or exporting

Traditional billing are to first do a pre-billing. Pre-billing will do draftlines, and all billing information will be generated to be checked manually. Sums and statistics are show in counts and amounts. Afterwards invoices can be generated and exported to paymentsystems.

Panther Admin do mainly support national danish payment provides, but will like to integrate to other national providers. Integration also include importing payments transactions, whick will match incoming amounts.