Global Partners

Partner network

Panther Applications are a software company and our mission is to develop Panther Admin. Since we are not traveling around the globe to sell the software, we have started to look for partners who can help us open the global market.

The businesscase

Your company might already be out there selling servers, software, consultancy and different applications to monitor or provision network or television equipment. In that case you might be able to reach deeper with us. With Panther Admin you can get so much closer to your customer and their business, benificial for your organisation and for your customer.

  • Reseller of the software license service and maintenance
  • Implementations
  • Analysing and Business processes consultancy
  • Courses
  • Translation
The price-plan with Panther Applications about Panther Admin are not negotiable, but other hardware, software and services can be priced according to local options.

Partners will get first-class support for free, to get up and running and to give the end-customers the best conditions to archive the goals with us.