Customer Management

Customer Management & Customer Relation Management

In Panther Admin we put the customer in view. From the customer view, all relevant information to the customer is available to see and change in a single menu structure under the same customer pane. The simple view ensures that customer service and support crew can act professional with less “company” experts involved on daily basis. All tasks can be done with only a few clicks.

Customers and installations

Panther Admin is highly developed to support different kind of customers, ranging from simple household subscriber to landlords, governments, subscribers with partly paid bills. Customers are related to installation addresses. Customers and installation addresses can be attached to groups, modelling and limiting access from employees/users of Panther Admin, as well as access to products that can be delivered on the address.

  • Installation address
  • Address groups
  • Customer groups
  • Product groups


All interaction with the customer, written or just system related are kept in CRM system. The CRM system contain information going back and can be used as a big note book. The system processes use the CRM system as well, if the system change something on the customer. If the customer call, it is easy to see what has been done, and in that case explain any reason.

Access / Rights

In Panther Admin users are add to one or more groups. Each group give access to different parts of the system, to groups of subscribers and to do different tasks. Users in a group with no restrictions can see and do everything. Users in groups with restrictions can only benefit from what they are allowed to see and work with. Restriction levels can be defined to support very specific needs.

  • Customer service
  • Support 1. level
  • Support 2-3. level
  • Partners
  • Accountants
  • External supporters

History of actions

Subscribers and customer service might change information related to a subscriber, a subscriber account or to some of the subscribers’ products. All changes are registered to improve visibility for error handling.

  • Date
  • Who changed
  • What was changed