Product Management

Products in templates

In Panther Admin products are defined in templates. A product template includes everything from accessibility, provisioning and billing information. All items defining the product are included, so product can be dynamically added to customers, done by customers them-selves using self-service or by customer service employees. When a product is added to a customer, the product template is used and contain initially what is defined in the product template.

Change of prices

Prices are changed in defined periods, leaving old prices to history. That way products can contain multiple prices, covering different periods of time, and the system can seamless do invoices and credit notes over periods where prices change.

Custom attributes

Some products need more information than others. Panther Admin has basic information added to all products. Extra information can be added with a few clicks, extending the specific product with new fields of information. Customfields can be inputbokses, checkboxes, dates, links, textboxes, dropdown lists, images etc. to support any need for extra information.