DOCSIS Management

DOCSIS management

Panther Admin makes it really easy to handle large amounts of cablemodems. Each type/model are initially configured using the build in DOCSIS template editor. When configured, modemfirmware is uploaded to the given profile and the system is ready to deploy. Modem are then ready for new subscribers or subscribers that need to exchange modems. Subscribers can then change local modified settings using the self-service portal. All settings made from the self-service portal can be moved directly from one modem to another on the given subscriber.


When a modem is added to a subscriber, it will immediately be available in the surveillance system. The modem will be available for real-time signal information from the subscriber screen of the system, and data regarding signals are stored every 5 minutes to graphical and map view. Problems related to the cable network will immediately be visible and available for customer service.


Subscribers can change settings in CPE/Cablemodem directly from their Self-Service portal. Settings will be set in the modem right afterwards, and will even follow to new modems in case of defectiveness or upgrades.

DOCSIS provisioning

Panther Admin support advanced DOCSIS provisioning. We support direct provisioning of most brands, using an advanced template system. Each modem will have its own configuration template, and each customer-product will have its own compiled version.

The build-in configuration manager handles all the modems, and Panther Admin comes with a comprehensive set of modem templates included, all to make it simple to run a cable modem network.


  • Encryption
  • Cablemodem
  • Router / Firewall
  • MTA adapter
  • Wi-Fi radio 2.4GHz
  • Wi-Fi radio 5GHz
  • DHCP-server


  • CMTS: Cisco CBR8 (DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1), UBR10K, UBR7200, CASA, Teleste DAH1X0, Harmonics NSG Pro (DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1)
  • Cisco: EPC3925 (8x4), EPC3928 (8x4), EPC3940 (16x4), EPC3949 (24x8)
  • Technicolor / Cisco: TC7200 (8x4), TC7210 (16x4), TC7230 (24x8)
  • Netgear: CG3000 (8x4), CG3200 (8x4)
  • Askey: TCG310 (32x8) + Docsis 3.1